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Our 2018 Junior Captains for 2018 Ciara Doyle and Eoin Byrne

Junior lessons will now run from Mondays -Saturdays  9am - 7:30pm

Limited three juniors per hour, In the swing studio.

Cost per lesson €10 per junior

Please txt or call Michael on 087 206 3589



Advanced 3pm - Improvers/ Beginners 3.45  followd by 9 Holes , 4-6 for beginners

Juvenile Competitions
1 Juvenile Competition Fee is €2.
2 All competitors must sign in before playing.
3 Where competitors have no offical handicap i.e.(swipe card) please write
FOR HANDICAP PURPOSES on top of your card.
4 You need three cards signed to gain a recognised handicap mark, after which you are responsible for