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The role of the Ladies Committee is to manage the Ladies’ Golf Section. This committee is responsible for the management of the golfing, handicapping and social golf activities for all female members of the Club. The committee comprises the Lady President, Lady Captain, Lady Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Competitions Secretary, Handicap Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and five other members.  The Lady Captain, Lady President, Lady Vice Captain and one other member also serve on the Management Committee, which committee is the sole body with the authority over all matters relating to Stackstown Golf Club.

In 2016, the Ladies Committee ran a very successful Get into Golf programme for 33 ladies under the guidance of the Confederation of Golf in Ireland.  These ladies have now progressed to Phase 2 of their programme – Stay into Golf.  In April, we welcome an additional 45 ladies to the 2017 Get into Golf programme.  This initiative will continue to run into the future.

Our ladies inter-club teams will compete in 9 separate competitions in 2017 building on the back of their success in reaching the semi final of the Bloom Cup and winning the Leinster Final in the Junior Foursomes in 2016.