The Club

Set Dancing


Set Dancing returns to Stackstown Golf Club on Wednesday the 5th September 2018 from 8 pm-10p.m.

We are delighted to welcome new members. Did you know research has shown that “set dancing is a very enjoyable form of exercise that motivated participation. Set dancing may also improve quality of life and slow deterioration in motor function and endurance. It is thought that the aerobic component and numerous multidirectional movements involved in set dancing may improve balance and functional capacity. This could help reduce the risk of falls and improve functional ability. Additionally, the social environment along with the music can create an enjoyable and happy        experience to help improve quality of life”

I want to acknowledge Dr. Joanne Shanahan (Chartered Physiotherapist , set dance teacher) for this research. Full article available at

If you would like to give it a try just turn up any Wednesday evening, or email our esteemed Setdancing Chairman Ed Ryan at for an application form. 

We must record our sincere thanks to our expert dance teacher Angela for her expert tutelage & great patience, we look forward to our 14th year under her direction, and the 29th year since dancing began way back in 1991.

We are Looking forward to seeing our dedicated members/supporters/volunteers return once more to enjoy not only the set dance classes, but weekends away, social dinners & great company.